Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS Services Provider in India

This Service Will Help You To Promote Your Business In Your Targeted City Or State To Generate Business Leads Or To Be In Contact With Your Company Clients To Be In A Good Relation.

This Will Help You To Give Them Updates About Your Company Services, New Offers, Greetings, etc.

This SMS Normally Used By Schools, Colleges, Banks, Hospitals, Foundations, Political Parties, Recharge Companies, Retail Shops.

BULK SMS Services:

The major benefits of Bulk SMS are.

  • Allows multiple GROUP SMS sending to your customersemployees, friends, etc.
  • Gives you the flexibility to send lacks of BULK SMS in just a single click.
  • Easy operation rights from the desktop & web application.
  • Scheduling messages like Wishes, Reminders, etc. in your hectic work time. 

SMS Category :

  • Promotional SMS

  1. As per TRAI norms, Messages will be delivered between 9 am to 9 pm on Non-DND mobile only.
  2. Six Digit alphabets sender ids will be displayed which is default by the operator.
  • Transactional SMS

  1. Open template SMS will be delivered 24x7 on DND & Non-DND Mobile Numbers.
  2. Alphabets Sender Id Available Ex: BULK PER.

Bulk SMS Price:

  • 50000 Bulk SMS @  = 9,500/-INR Today 
  • 1 Lakh Bulk SMS @  = 15,000/-INR

Whatapp SMS Price:

  • 10000 Whatapp SMS  = ₹ 6,000/-INR
  • 20000 Whatapp SMS  = ₹ 10,000/-INR
  • 50000 Whatapp SMS  = ₹ 18,000/-INR
  • 1 Lakh Whatapp SMS  = ₹ 21,000/-INR