We Build Services

Our Website  Features:

Your website will be completely built and published by a team of Web-design Experts.
A nominal one-time WE-Build fee will be applicable in addition to the Pack charge.
There is no restriction on the number of pages that we design for you except as applicable for your Pack.
Your site will ideally be up within 3 days of providing us all the required inputs.
Includes Free updates for up to 30 days from the date of hand-over of website.

How WE-Build works:
Our team of Web-design Experts work on your inputs to develop your website.
The newly designed websites are then published to our dedicated high-end servers in the US subject to your review.
Once the website is handed over, you are free to make changes or update or modify all aspects of your website YOURSELF, by logging into your control panel.


Where can I see the features of each Pack / Plan that you are offering?

Refer to the Pack Website Development

Do I need technical or design skills to develop a great site?

Not really. With our comprehensive website building tool and basic planning, you can develop a professional, full-featured website without learning HTML or WordPress.

Your visitors can:

View pictures of your past projects and learn about the quality of your work.
Purchase your products from anywhere in the country.
No matter what the goal or purpose of your Web site is, Site Building Tool enables you to develop a high-quality site that meets your needs.

What are the main features of web Site Tool?

  • A professional quality website, up and running in minutes
  • User friendly and easily customizable interfaces
  • A complete website with all its frills and features
  • Sleek and attractive professional designs
  • Customizable easy-to-use Flash Animation creator
  • A Homepage creator for that completely unique and personalized homepage
  • Shopping Page creator for that e-commerce touch to your website
  • A robust, online, full-functional, Image Editing module
  • Online Forms creator enables users to create forms online with absolutely no programming knowledge

What is an Image Editor?

With Image Editor, you can perform various image editing operations like Flip, Crop, Rotate, apply Frames & Borders, change Brightness & Contrast, Resize, Annotate (text on image), Change Image Format, etc.

Is it possible for me to create Forms like feedback form, registration form, etc.?

You can create customizable forms in Site Builder Plus using the Form WordPress.