A Plan for Creating A Successful Website – Website Timeline

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March 31, 2021
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A Plan for Creating A Successful Website – Website Timeline

A Plan for Creating A Successful Website

There is a variance in time associated with each stage, depending on the requirements for each project; however, this list will provide guidelines for what you can expect.

Identify Current Site Issues

Review the current website and spot the elements that need fixing or changing.

Present Proposed Design

Conduct a team meeting and discuss the proposed design. Pinpoint all the elements that work and fix what doesn’t.

Get Approvals

Present the proposed new website to the client and garner feedback and/or approvals.

Design Sprints Commence

Begin conducting design sprints to fix the website. This includes revisions and design revisions.

Begin Development

Once the UX/UI designs are approved, kickstart the development process.

Gather Feedback & Apply Changes

Conduct FGDs and client reviews to identify elements to alter. Edit the designs accordingly.

Optimize New Site

Ensure that the site is optimized for SEO. Make the site loading time as fast as possible and add keywords for ranking in search results.


After everything is approved, launch the site and inform all subscribers.

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